Metal Laser Cutting Services

Our team at Metal Specialties Inc is proud to incorporate the latest in metal laser cutting technologies, with two CO2 systems in house as well as CNC technology available to create custom cut materials to fit any project or industrial application. Using this high-powered optic laser technology, our team of highly trained technicians focus the beam to melt, burn, or vaporize materials, cutting away the design from a metal plate to provide a uniquely custom created product. 

Our CNC laser technology provides clean and precise custom cuts in mild, stainless steel, aluminum, and tubular products up to 16” diameter. This increased precision is a major advantage of metal laser cutting, along with using less energy and reducing the chance of warping the materials. Although there are limits to metal laser cutting when it comes to the thickness of materials, you can trust that Metal Specialties Inc has the skills and tools necessary to take on your next project or manufacturing need.

For Custom Metal Laser Cutting Services, Call Metal Specialties Inc Today!

As we strive to provide the highest quality of custom cut steel, our team takes pride in their knowledge and craftsmanship. You can be sure that our laser cut products are built to last beyond expectations. Our services provide quality custom metal laser cut parts for either home improvement projects, or industrial needs for clients throughout Dallas, Houston, Midland, & Forth WorthTX to Hobbs, NM, and beyond.  

If you have a project that requires the quality, speed, and accuracy of metal laser cutting, 
contact Metal Specialties Inc by calling 844-211-4226.

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